Egypt Highlights

The best way to discover the wonders of Upper Egypt is to take a romantic Nile cruise, combining carefully planned sightseeing with a chance to relax on deck, sipping a cocktail as you watch life go by on the banks of the Nile, virtually unchanged for centuries. Egypt & Beyond specialised Egyptologist guides take guests on a fascinating journey through history, unveiling a new chapter with each tomb painting or ancient wall relief.

Cairo, the Capital, is a destination in itself: A bustling and crowded metropolis full of intriguing contrasts - old and new; western and oriental; modern hotels next to traditional bazaars and coffee shops; 5,000-year-old pyramids and 19th Century palaces. The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities houses the world's greatest collection of Pharaonic treasures, including 12 rooms filled with the golden treasures of the boy-king Tutenkhamun. Travellers can visit a host of beautiful mosques and churches that reflect Egypt's rich cultural heritage.
Alexandria, sometimes known as the "Bride of the Mediterranean", features some of Egypt's most beautiful Greco-Roman ruins. Â The haunting wilderness of the Western Desert, with its vast expanses of sand dunes and spectacular desert scenery, is also host to an array of fascinating oasis towns and villages, each with their own culture and ancient monuments.
The Red Sea coast and the Sinai offer fabulous opportunities for diving and snorkelling amongst warm coral-filled waters, and spectacular desert safaris either in 4x4s, or on camelback. Saint Catherine's Monastery, in the very centre of the Sinai, is the region's main tourist attraction, while water sports, PGA-standard golf courses, and world-class spas make a spell on Egypt's coastline a treat for every visitor.
They say those who drink from the Nile are destined to return. Come and explore for yourself the country, the people, the cultures, the history and the mystery that is Egypt..