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By Mindy Dunn
2016-10-10 07:19:53
My husband and I planned our Egypt, Jordan and Israel trip with Tarek at Egypt and Beyond Travel. The itinerary was exactly what we wanted because Tarek listened to our requests and made every effort to work it into our trip. Every detail was taken care of which left us to just enjoy our trip. The private guides we had everyday were incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their country and its history. The drivers and staff who helped us were magnificent and treated us like family (maybe even better than family!). Everyone truly went out of their way to make our trip perfect. As an example, when we needed a fuse for our converter our driver went all over until he found a replacement. In my opinion, a private tour is the best way to see Egypt, Jordan and Israel. We didn’t get lost in a crowd of tourist trying to hear the description of what we were seeing. We weren’t climbing on and off of buses all day or waiting in line to receive our room key. Regarding these three countries, not for one moment did I feel unsafe anywhere we visited. There was security at the entrance to every hotel, major tourist site and many street corners in the major cities. Tarek told us we would have the ‘trip of a lifetime’ and we really did. Egypt, particularly, is a must see for every traveler or history buff. It was truly incredible.
By Diana Saint James
2015-10-08 06:55:33
I highly recommend Egypt & Beyond. Two very adventurous clients of mine approached me with an online Cairo tour and Nile River cruise itinerary. I sent it off to Tarek at Egypt & Beyond for matching. He created the perfect custom itinerary for them (she loves swimming pools and he loves boutique hotels) at a great price. He also recommended a Jordan add-on that included Petra, time at a Bedouin camp and a Dead Sea spa visit, which they took. During their Nile cruise, the wife became ill and was hospitalized. Tarek kept me informed and Egypt & Beyond staff monitored her daily care. When it became clear that she was not recovering quickly, Tarek arranged new airline tickets home for them and an upgraded hotel in Cairo until they departed. He immediately sent me a detailed price list of services they did not utilize for their trip interruption insurance claim. While Egypt & Beyond does more than Egypt, I truly believe the “Beyond” refers to the level of service & quality offered by this company – it is beyond outstanding! Diana Saint James, Owner, Dimensions in Travel
By Rick Steves (USA)
2013-05-21 10:42:25
I have to admit, I was pretty pampered on this trip. To both stay safe and get the absolute most value out of my time, I hired Tarek Mousa, who runs Egypt and Beyond Travel (www.egyptandbeyondtravel.com) to set up this trip. We brainstormed possible itineraries for the 10 days. He met me at the airport in Cairo and had hotels, a car, and local guides working with me each day. I went out a lot on my own and felt comfortable. But from a sheer efficiency point of view, with the language barrier and the complexities of post-revolutionary life in Egypt and real issues of safety, I was glad I worked with Tarek to create what was essentially my own private tour. Tarek Mousa, of Egypt and Beyond Travel, made sure I enjoyed maximum travel thrills for every mile, minute, and dollar while I was in Egypt. Rick Steves Seattle USA www.ricksteves.com
By Laura DeSimone
2011-11-25 18:00:19

Hi !!

What a fabulous trip!!!  Every thing was absolutely outstanding.  The service we received was always "ABOVE AND BEYOND" our expectations.All of the tours and arrangements were always done with professionalism and precision.

I would certainly recommend this trip to anyone who is planning on visiting Egypt.

Thanks so much to all!!!

Laura DeSimone

San Francisco

By Juliet Barber
2011-11-25 18:00:00

Having spent 23 days in Egypt and Jordan, I wish to share my gratitude to Tarek and his crew. We were always treated with consideration and with respect. Our guides and drivers understood our needs and our wish to continually explore the historic and iconic sights. They ensured that our dreams were fulfilled and that we had both and enervating and relaxing trip.

This is a difficult time to travel in the Middle East, but a wonderful time for travellers; there are no crowds and the much vaunted destinations are easily accessible no pushing in the Cairo museum; no struggle through the siq in Petra; no crowd at Abu Simbel ... Yet our security was always the top priority and never did we feel endangered or fraught.

I have already recommended Egypt and Beyond to prospective travellers and will continue to do so as this agency understands the needs of individuals and is extremely flexible in their ability to make changes to ensure both the safety and the security of the people in their care.

By Bob Cook
2011-11-25 17:59:18

I am on my flight home to Orlando and want to share, and which you may share with any other Ensemble staff and Ensemble members, my experiences with Egypt and Beyond.  In twenty years, I have never experienced such a well thought out and well planned fam, or any tour for that matter. What we experienced was a typical package offered by Egypt and Beyond.   I am going to write a more detailed day by day outline,  but from being personally greeted at baggage claim after passport control to being escorted through Security to Check in and to Passport Control on the last day, the entire trip was effortless, smooth, and seamless.  


1.Egypt and Beyond has the contacts.  Tarek started out carrying baggage and meeting guests over 20 years ago. He knows the business inside out.  His attention to detail is amazing, and he listens! His contacts include being able to arrange a talk by the "Mummy Chaser",  Director of Egyptian Antiquities Dr. Hawas.  The managers at both Four Seasons told me how he is one of their largest tour operators.   

2. Personal attention to details  Tarek told us,  and we asked his employees who verified this,  that he is known to show up at all hours, day or night, for the meet and greets at the airport, hotels, and the airport in Abu Simbel, Aswan or Luxor and other destinations. Plus,  all emails sent to anyone at Egypt and Beyond Travel also go to him. He also calls each guest upon arrival.

3. Tarek's overriding goal is guest and agent satisfaction.  Top of the line vans, busses, pre-paid tickets at all attractions,  cold bottled water always available in the bus or van, rooms ready when you arrive at a hotel, meal options much more than a table.

4. His staff truly likes working for him. You can see it in their attitude.  They respect him, but are not afraid of him.  It is hard to explain, but the respect they have in working with him to create an upscale tour operation on par with A & K shows.

5. The hotels he uses are top quality.  The Four Seasons properties in Cairo, Winter Palace in Aswan, and the Cataract Hotel he will be using in Aswan go beyond  the expectations of an average traveler. He is very select in his use of Nile Boats, and of the 300 plus boats cruising the Nile,  he will only use the top three or four.

6. Our Egyptologist, whom we called Madame Zhenab, has been an Egyptologist for 38 years, and is the doyenne the Egyptologists.  At dinner with the Manager of the Four Season, he asked who had been provided as our escort. We mentioned Zhenab and his mouth literally dropped.  She is the guide who is provided to celebrities visiting Egypt, the Metropolitan Museum, Yale, Harvard, and is the top Egyptologist for A and K.  She is greeted everywhere with respect at the sites, museums and five star hotels.   And we had the benefit of her expertise for seven days. It was like taking a Master's Course in Egyptian History. She has known Tarek since he carried the luggage for guests, and you call see how truly fond she is of him.

7. He can turn on a dime.  We were at Luxor Airport waiting to board our flight when he received a phone call.  An agent asked if he could help plan an itinerary, driver, tickets and access for a couple arriving the next day at 6:30 am.   We had not even left the airport and everything was arranged.

Bob Cook
Go Travel
Orlando USA
407-774-7730 ext. 110

By Jim Snapper
2011-09-13 12:45:02
I would like to contribute a glowing testimonial for the services we recently received from Egypt and Beyond on a recent tour of Egypt. We could not have been more delighted by everything done for us. We arranged for a private tour. Also, our tour took place at the end of August and beginning of September of 2011--a time when many tourist are avoiding Egypt because of concerns about the political situation. It was also during and at the end of Ramadan. I was accompanied on the trip by my two 20+ daughters as well as a third young woman whom is a friend of my daughters. 

Everyone was wonderful from our Cairo driver (Mohammed) to our guide (Mona). Not only were they knowledgeable and kind, but they were able to read our energy level and edit activities to maximize enjoyment without exhaustion. We arranged to have Mona come to Luxor with us thus benefitting from her kindness and knowledge throughout the trip. 

I was concerned about having a group of 20+ American women on the trip--in particular because one of our group had to leave Luxor and go to Cairo the night before the rest of the party. Not only was she escorted to her gate in Luxor and met at her gate in Cairo and taken directly to her hotel, but the driver and director wanted to be certain to be there when she woke up in the morning to take her to her international flight home. Because of this, the driver and director spent the night in a coffee shop at the airport! This was extraordinary service! Tarek Mousa regularly checked in to make sure that everything was going perfectly.

If and when I return to Egypt, I will again use Egypt and Beyond and would recommend them to anyone planning a trip. They are outstanding people and Egypt and Beyond is an absolutely first rate company.


By Eloice Helms
2011-07-12 05:46:09
The nine days we spent in Egypt was truly the trip of a lifetime.  Egypt and Beyond set us up in some of the finest hotels I've ever stayed in. Our tour guides in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan took excellent care of me and my family.  They were informative and timed each of our tours to take advantage of cooler mornings and included stops for lunch and refreshments. We were well taken care of throughout our trip. The cruise on the Nile was wonderful. I saw many other cruise ships but none compared to the one we were on.  I highly recommend Egypt and Beyond. Egypt is incredible! 
By Allison Kelly - Senior Consultant
Harvey World Travel South Melbourne
2011-03-08 20:48:03
Hi Tarek,
I had the best time in Egypt ; had no idea it was such an amazing, fascinating country !!
BIG THANKS to you for all your hard work in organising such a wonderful trip for us; I am glad we crammed so much into each day and saw so much in our short time.
Ballooning in Luxor was definitely the highlight for me !! and the restaurant on our last night in Cairo was fantastic too.....and of course the Four Seasons Cairo was the best hotel I have ever stayed in.......and I could go on and on..... Thanks again for making our trip such a good one, with so many wonderful memories!!
Hopefully we will catch up again one day --- in Melbourne , or Cairo .......
By Bruce Shaw
MD Jetset Berwick Melbourne Australia
2011-03-08 20:48:03
Hi Tarek
Thank you for an experience and a half. The trip was even better having you there with us. The work that you put into our itinerary was very much appreciated by all.
Look forward to catching up soon.
Bruce Shaw
By Sally
Director, Executive edge Travel Melbourne, Australia
2011-03-08 20:48:03
Hey Tarek,
Truly what an amazing experience you put together for us. Thank you soooo much. I had more than a wonderful time and now can't wait to do some more reading on Egyptian History. You've certainly shown us that you care about clients and i hope to put some super bookings through in the near future. Take Care and keep in touch.
Kind regards
By David and Sarah Hickman
Cape Town South Africa
2011-03-08 20:48:03
Dear Tarek,
Happy New Year. Our trip home was a safe and comfortable one. Thank you for contributing to our first trip to Egypt. We have come away with a broader perception of Egypt with the very old standing side by side with the very new and modern. Our favorites were the Karnak Temple, the Step Pyramid, and Abu Simbel. We loved the cruise on the Nile and the City of Luxor and just experiencing the ways of people in Egypt. The accommodations and food were excellent. The rooms with views of the Nile and the Pyramids were extra special. We already cherish and miss the kind, open and gracious people of Egypt. We felt very safe and well taken care of during the entire trip. We have talked with several people about our trip and they are interested in visiting Egypt.
By Anita & Mike Hanns
New York - USA
2011-03-08 20:48:03
I was extremely impressed by the efficiency of all Egypt & Beyond staff. It was great knowing that we didn
By Margot White
Burwood Trade co.
London UK
2011-03-08 20:48:03
I'd like to thank all Egypt & Beyond team, who at every moment paid attention to every single small detail so that everything would function in the best way possible. Egypt & Beyond have set the standards so high that you make it difficult to do anything better.
Margot White
By Trevor Mcgee
Brisbane Australia
2011-03-08 20:48:03
I wish to extend my thanks to you Tarek and all your who participated in making our trip most memorable, we were living a dream and now we are back to reality, thanks a lot.